Frequently Asked Questions

There are different factors that can affect the pricing of the green walls, including the type of irrigation system and size of the wall. A quotation will be provided upon request.

Absolutely! The choice of plants (most crucial) will have to complement the selected locations based on temperature, sunlight intensity, humidity and other factors. Artificial lightings will be required in indoor locations.

Our HyGro™ Wall with Reservior does not require a dedicated water supply. A customized tank with pumps is installed to hold water and irrigate the plants.

Like any other living plants, vertical gardens have to be maintained. Besides installation, we also offer maintenance services for your green walls! However, if you have the green fingers, you may choose to maintain it on your own. Our team here at Vertical Green are glad to guide you in doing so.

Please email us at info@verticalgreen.com.ph or text us at 09189156818 with your requirements / concerns and a member of our sales team will reach out to you.If you would like to receive a formal quotation, please send the following information to info@verticalgreen.com.ph:
  1. Wall dimension (length and height)
  2. Location (outdoor or indoor)
  3. Wall material (concrete, drywall, etc.)
  4. Pictures of wall and /or drawings whichever available
  5. Availability of or ability to provide water, power and drainage points (only applicable for HyGro™ Wall product)
  6. Site address
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