See Why Preserved Flat Moss is a Trending Design Nationwide

Crafting beautiful indoor spaces has never been more important. With so many people staying indoors, creating a conducive space for them to stay is a matter of both safety and comfort. Preserved flat moss is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home or office when so many of us are still in lockdown. Partnering with a reliable supplier of preserved moss will allow you to breathe new life into your space that’s both pleasing to the eyes and the mind without breaking the bank.

The 101 on Preserved Flat Moss

Flat Moss is a beautiful ground cover moss with a verdant green color. Its trademark intense shade of green acts as a good background for other preserved landscape elements and pairs well with varying interiors for different ways of styling.

Make the Most of Flat Moss

Keeping an indoor moss installation has plenty of benefits that may surprise you.

Boundless Versatility and Customization

A good preserved moss supplier typically carries a large selection of mosses in different colors, with a variety of customization options. Preserved flat moss in particular pairs well as a gorgeous green background to other types of mosses with varying shades and compositions. This can even be matched to mirror a company’s brand colors if installed in an office space. Customizable to fit a particular design, moss is easy to work with and integrate into any interior.

A High-End Look for a Fraction of the Cost

Cultivating an indoor moss garden lends a sleek, modern look to any space and adds a strong touch of living a ‘green’ lifestyle to an office or home. This high-end look is also both a space and money saver, eliminating the need for an external garden and any additional maintenance, as preserved moss, including preserved flat moss, do not attract pests and needs no additional watering, pruning, or sunlight to stay beautiful.

geometric design of flat moss

Sound Body, Sound Mind

Any professional preserved moss supplier can tell you that their preserved moss installation does wonders for muffling noise pollution. Due to the varying layers and textures on a preserved moss wall, this installation has the potential to curb or soften unwanted noise. This therefore reduces the strain on one’s ears and promotes a calm atmosphere. The seamless integration of this space-saving garden also promotes stress reduction and better focus, especially in settings with major productivity like offices, or studies.

What Makes Preserved Flat Moss Special?

These key features are great reasons why flat moss is an excellent pick for any space.

flat moss above couch

Customizable and Easy to Install

When creating a preserved moss installation, make sure to work closely with your preserved moss supplier to discuss the design and colors you want. Layering different colors and textures over your preserved flat moss creates a fun and functional piece that can be installed in a breeze by your supplier.

Resilient and Durable Design

Each installation is assembled with durable materials and expertly preserved moss specimens, like preserved flat moss, preserved reindeer moss, and more, so you can expect no degradation and enjoy your piece of the outdoors for many years to come.

Fuss-Free Greenery

Your preserved moss garden brings fuss-free beauty to the table without the hassle. Enjoy the feel and look of a real moss wall without worrying about things like maintenance and irrigation.

If any of these features sound like a dream come true, then choose Vertical Green as your preserved moss wall supplier of choice!

With easy installation and hands-on customization, Vertical Green will bring the outdoors to you, wherever you are in the Philippines. As the premiere preserved moss supplier in the country, we want to work hand in hand with our clients for a preserved moss wall that suits their design and space specifications.

Bring the outdoors in and contact Vertical Green today for a free quotation!

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