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Improve your space with biophilic designs that both beautify and create healthier environments. With Vertical Green, you can merge nature and ordinary function areas into unique, comforting surroundings.

We can customize designs exclusive to your brand’s personality and enhance your living and working environment. Check out our specialties and know how our Vertical Greenery can transform your everyday spaces.


Integrate biophilic designs into your hotels to promote greenery as your guests celebrate its abundance in your luxurious spaces. With our vertical gardens, your guests will be encouraged to spend more time in social spaces to relax and bond with nature. Learn more about how Vertical Green can add value to your hotel and resort.

Transform your office into a space that helps motivate creativity and empower productivity while improving the well-being of your employees. Adding Vertical Green’s gardens to your walls can help reduce stress and create a calmer environment for your company. Learn more about how our products can benefit your space and your brand.


Radiate positive energy in your homes and reconnect with nature. Creating a space with biophilic designs can alleviate any negative feelings and can encourage residents to feel more connected to their communities. Learn more about how Vertical Green can enrich your residential neighborhood through our greenery.

vertical green

Transform your space through the beauty and benefits of Vertical Green’s outdoor and indoor wall gardens.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can integrate our gardens to upgrade your space.

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