Transform Your Workplace into a Green Wall Office

Biophilic designed offices have grown in popularity among workplaces that want to improve the well-being, productivity, and creativity of their teams.

Access to green spaces can help reduce stress and increase concentration. Install living walls in your office to promote better health and productivity within your workspace.

Energize your office interior with the innate beauty of nature while bolstering your brand with unique, artistic living walls made especially for you. Elevate your office atmosphere by working with a trusted green wall company.

Here at Vertical Green, we provide vertical landscapes that fit your professional workspaces. We’re here to assist you in ushering in an era of greener and healthier offices.

5 Benefits of Having Green Walls in Office Spaces

A Biophilic office design is a relatively new architectural concept. But it positively impacts the environment by reducing carbon dioxide levels, which improves the overall air quality.

Here are five benefits of having a living wall installation in your office:

  • Enabling a Healthier Workplace for Your Team
  • Increasing Your Teams’ Creativity
  • Decreasing Negative Emotions
  • Optimizing Productivity
  • Refine Your Company Identity

Enabling a Healthier Workplace for Your Team

A green wall can help improve the air quality in your office, which can have a positive impact on the health of your employees. The plants act as natural air filters, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Not only does this improve the quality of the air, but it can also help reduce noise pollution. The plants on the walls break sound waves, preventing them from bouncing and therefore can create a calmer and more relaxing environment.

Other than installing a green wall, here are more ways to introduce biophilic elements in your office:

  • Bring in some plants: Place them on desks, in meeting rooms, or in common areas.
  • Let in some natural light: Open the blinds or curtains to let sunlight in.
  • Increase ventilation: Use fans or open windows to circulate fresh air.
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Increasing Your Teams’ Creativity

Speaking of getting inspired, another benefit of green walls in office spaces is evoking creativity.

A study by Professor Sir Cary Cooper found that incorporating green in offices enhances creative performance compared to grays, whites, or other colors.

Another way these offices evoke creativity is by regulating emotions and energy levels. Being exposed to a greener environment helps release melatonin and happy hormones. It makes everyone feel freer, helping them embrace their creativity.

Decreasing Negative Emotions

An effective green wall design in offices doesn’t just regulate emotions to evoke creativity; it also does so to reduce negative emotions.

A study found that people working in biophilic design environments have better physiological and psychological stress levels than those who do not. Physiological indicators showed that they handle stress better when faced with stress-inducing tests.

Putting nature-like vertical moss gardens into your workspace changes this. Having greenery nearby calls forth positive emotions, lifts the mood, and calms down everyone within the vicinity. It helps boost their ability to handle stress, eliminating negative feelings like anxiety and irritability.

At its core, this helps foster a more harmonious relationship in the workplace, resulting in a more collaborative environment.


Optimizing Productivity

In the Human Spaces research led by Cooper, they learned that natural elements boost productivity. Making changes in the office, such as the ones listed below, is said to help increase productivity by up to 15%:

  • Blue, Yellow, and Green Accent Walls
  • External Views of Nature
  • Presence of Nature inside the Work Environment

Incorporating a green wall and other biophilic designs in your office is a sure way to optimize your organization’s output.

Refining Your Company Identity

There is one more benefit to having green walls in office spaces, and when done right, it can help emphasize your branding.

Living walls and other greenery designed and incorporated into your office better introduce your company to employees, visitors, and clients.

Vertical Green can help you make a more impactful first impression by using greenery to show your character and uniqueness. We can customize green walls, create your logo using plants, and dye moss to match your brand.

A customized green wall can add more character to your workspace and help potential stakeholders easily remember your brand.

Incorporating biophilic design in your office space is a lucrative investment. It helps assure the well-being of all employees and the organization. Residential spaces with green walls and living walls in hotels and resorts show that biophilic designs can improve urban spaces.

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Biophilic Office Projects by Vertical Green Philippines

Transform your office walls into a living breathing garden with Vertical Green. Incorporate a biophilic design in your office and energize your team by elevating their work environment.

Vena Energy Office

Vena Energy Office is the leading renewable energy company in the Asia-Pacific region. They partnered with Vertical Green to give their office a biophilic design.


Two/NEO is located in Bonifacio Global City. This prized property integrated a biophilic design for offices to support the health and wellbeing of its tenants.


Located in proximity of premier establishments in Bonifacio Global City, Three/NEO elevates its offices with biophilic elements.


A 5-Star Certification holder for Operations under the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE), Four/NEO has partnered with Vertical Green for their biophilic office requirements.

NEX Tower

Located in Legazpi Village, Makati, NEX Tower is ushering in the next generation of office spaces by integrating global architecture and biophilic office designs for their clients.

Skytech IT Park

Pioneering biophilic designs for offices in Mabalacat, Pampanga is the Skytech IT Park. This property was designed to help companies prosper through a holistic approach to its interiors.

Let Vertical Green Transform Your Office into a Biophilic Designed Masterpiece

Vertical Green has a trusted team of professional designers ready to bring your vision of an office with biophilic design to life.

Whether indoors or outdoors, we will transform your walls into masterpieces. We will also ensure that our environment-friendly designs suit your company’s identity and brand.

HyGro Wall - NEX Tower

Do you have any questions about offices with living walls and biophilic designs?

Vertical Green is here to answer them. Send us a message today to learn how we can transform your office. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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