5 Reasons to Embrace Green Wall System Residential Spaces

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What are the Benefits of Having Biophilic Designed Residential Spaces?

There has been a push to return to nature and combat the urbanization of spaces. The increasing number of green walls in hotels, offices with living walls, and green walls in residential buildings show this.

As biophilic designs create spaces for us to commune with nature, more people have started reconnecting with nature.

That said, these are some benefits of living in biophilic designed residential areas:

Nurturing the Health of Residents

One unexplored factor that helps residents decide to buy or rent a unit is how it makes them feel.

Reconnecting with nature mitigates negative emotions like anger, stress, and fear, all while increasing positive energy. Having green walls and greenery around the building helps accomplish this.

It is important to note that nature also helps us deal with pain emotionally. Seeing greenery is a great way to distract someone from pain, discomfort, and fear.

Nature also helps with physical health. A study by Louise Delagran, MA, MEd found that being near nature can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. Staying at condos with living walls or biophilic-designed residential communities can help make tenants feel good and healthy.

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Building a Community

The same study showed that people who live near nature, like those who live in townhouses with green walls, are more connected to their community than those who live in urbanized areas without greenery. When we live close to nature, it inculcates a sense of environmentalism – the idea of taking care of something beyond ourselves.

Therefore some residential buildings with green walls have community gardens for residents to use. These activities not only reduce a building’s carbon footprint, but it also helps build a community of people who want to make a difference.

For residents, this helps foster a sense of responsibility – even in little ways like watering and tending their personal plants. While for townhouse developers, installing green walls helps nurture a community that will take care of their investment.

The study also explained that being near nature activates feelings of empathy and love, which reduces aggression, violence, and crime in communities with greenery.

These make for a safe and tight-knit community, helping keep the peace within the community.

Providing More Privacy

Another benefit of living in biophilic-designed residences such as living wall apartments is the added privacy due to lessening of noise pollution.

Thanks to the green wall absorbing up to 41% or 8 decibels of the noise surrounding its area. As it becomes a barrier to keeping the area quiet, it lessens both internal and external ambient noise. This provides more privacy as the living wall absorbs sound, preventing others from overhearing your conversations in the lobby and other common spaces.

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Promoting Better Sleep

When deciding whether to move out or stay in a unit, many residents take into consideration how well they sleep in their current residence. Incorporating living walls into your residential spaces can help residents sleep better in your building. It is because nature helps mend an unhealthy sleep cycle.

Plants don’t just liven up an area; having greenery is a great way to reduce dust particles and pollutants as they produce oxygen. A living wall, for instance, helps reduce noise pollution while improving air quality and cognitive functions, leading to a more soothing atmosphere, thus promoting better sleep at night.

The presence of greenery also helps residents feel less stressed, less tense, and more relaxed. All of which helps them sleep better.

Ultimately, the quality of sleep could become a crucial factor in keeping your tenants. Provide it by having green walls and greenery in your buildings.

Increasing Your Home’s Real Estate Price

One more benefit of having biophilic designed residential spaces is how much value you can fetch when you sell units in your building. The same extends to townhouses, condos, or apartments with green walls. It is due to how much people are willing to pay for wellness.

The study Economics of Biophilia states that properties can increase their value due to their closeness and likeness to nature, as more people acknowledge the importance of nature for better living.

Health, wellness, and peace are critical elements of a well-rounded living space. With green walls and other greenery provided by biophilic design, you can guarantee your residents a better living experience.


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