Let the Hills Come Alive with a Preserved Pole Moss Installation

The importance of creating an inspiring space has never been more apparent. As staying indoors becomes more imperative, the need for creating conducive spaces for maximum productivity and comfort continues to grow. Bringing the outdoors into your office or home is a great way to liven up a living space. Partnering with a reliable supplier of preserved moss to create an indoor installation reminiscent of the outdoors is a great project. Read on to find out more about pole moss and its benefits.

Discover Preserved Pole Moss

Pole moss is a round moss form with a green color. Its sloping appearance is reminiscent of small hills, turning any moss installation into a beautiful landscape by adding texture and depth with a 3D dynamic effect. Its vibrant green hue is a perfect complement to the colorful preserved reindeer moss.

Make the Most of Pole Moss

Keeping an indoor moss installation, especially one that includes pole moss, has plenty of unexpected advantages.

Craft a Landscape like No Other

A preserved moss supplier can provide lush hills of preserved pole moss to accentuate any vertical moss garden. Pole moss perfectly mimics the natural contours of a hilly countryside, standing stark against a preserved flat moss base and adding depth to the swirling colors of reindeer moss. Its unique texture and shape are even more striking when customized to have varying sizes, breathing life into your dynamic vertical moss wall.

pole moss along a wall

An Upscale Garden Without the Cost

Installing an indoor moss garden to any space lends a subtle splash of nature in a modern way to any office, home, or study. Watch any room come alive when decorated with a vertical moss garden that uses preserved pole moss to create a greener, fresher backdrop. Introducing a pole moss wall to any space is an easy swap for an external garden. Save money on maintenance costs that a conventional pocket garden needs. Since preserved moss does not attract pests and needs no additional watering, pruning, or sunlight to stay beautiful, it is the perfect, fuss-free choice for a little slice of the outdoors.

Soothe Your Soul

Due to the sloping, hilly nature of a pole moss wall, this installation can provide great sound absorption and has the potential to lessen or muffle noise pollution in the vicinity. By lessening the strain on one’s ears, a vertical moss wall can create a calm and productive atmosphere. Promote stress reduction and better focus by including this space-saving garden into your home or workplace, especially in settings with major productivity. If you desire an art piece that marries form and function, work with a professional preserved moss supplier to create the perfect installation that fits your specifications.

What Makes Preserved Pole Moss Special?

These key features are great reasons why pole moss is an excellent pick for any space.

Service Tailored to Your Taste

When planning for a preserved moss installation, work closely with your supplier to discuss your specifications for your piece, such as any needs, designs, and colors you might want to integrate. Layering different hues, heights, and textures such as the rolling hills of preserved pole moss, the diverse colors of preserved reindeer moss, and the verdant green of your flat moss will create a calming, natural landscape that will mesh seamlessly with an indoor setting.

example of pole moss

Design that Stands the Test of Time

Each installation is assembled with durable materials and expertly preserved moss specimens, like preserved pole moss, preserved flat moss, and more. Rest easy and enjoy your piece of the outdoors for many years to come.

A Patch of Worry-Free Green

Your preserved moss garden brings fuss-free beauty to the table without the stress of a conventional garden. Enjoy the feel and look of a real moss wall without worrying about things like maintenance and irrigation.

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With easy installation and hands-on customization, Vertical Green will bring the outdoors to you, wherever you are in the Philippines. As the premiere preserved moss supplier in the country, we want nothing more than to satisfy our clients with preserved moss walls that suit their design, needs, and space specifications.

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