Transform Your Bedroom Design With These Living Wall Design Ideas

Sprucing up your bedrooms can be quite complex. Unlike other spaces in a home, a bedroom is designed almost purely for your personal preference and comfort. For nature lovers, a bedroom moss wall adds a unique charm to your space while adding another layer of relaxation.

As contemporary designs continue to highlight a biophilic home, living walls are becoming more ubiquitous in residential spaces. A beautiful combination of rustic and classic, these walls transform your room into a secret garden. It’s also a great way to purify the air, lessen stress, and reduce noise from your bedroom.

Need some inspiration for your bedroom living wall? Check out these awesome design ideas for your home:

Living Wall Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

Any addition to your bedroom requires thought and consideration. From bed to decor, each element needs to add to your comfort. If you’re planning on installing a living wall, then that needs to be in consideration too.

Here are some living wall inspirations to transform your bedroom space:

Art Walls

Living walls are essentially a work of art – so it absolutely makes sense to design one as though it were a beautiful painting. For an art wall, consider using a wide selection of flora to create the image. Both moss and plants help in constructing a unique painting that you can proudly display in your bedroom.

If you have a dining room living wall, an art wall can neatly tie in your themes. Try to use similar plant life and colors for a cohesive look. For a more bohemian style, play around with the frames and mounting devices for your bedroom living wall.

Accent Walls

A bedroom moss wall adds a pop of color to your space, especially if you have neutral walls. Moss walls work incredibly well as accent walls. From lush green to vibrant crimsons, there’s a variety of colors you can choose from to complement your bedroom.

Depending on the style you’re going for, you can opt to use various plants for your accent wall instead. For a dreamy, fairy-tale look, go for long, viny plants such as pothos. Flowers and succulents are also great options if you want to liven up the wall.

Framed Favorites

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Bedroom living walls are the perfect space to display your favorite things – or in this case, plants!

Not sure which frames to use? You can mix and match to create a unique style that speaks to you. Round up elegant frames and various pieces and create a space that showcases your favorite plants while thinner frames are a good choice for florals. Eclectic frames on the other hand are perfect for succulents.

Of course, you are also more than welcome to frame and commemorate various trinkets in your living wall. For a true wall of favorites, add in framed pictures too! The resulting living wall design is a comforting and unique piece for your bedroom space.

Geometric Living Walls

Create some visual interest in an otherwise flat surface by adding geometric details to your bedroom living wall. From circles to hexagons, geometric shapes allow the eyes to travel better. This also makes the design incredibly interesting, even if it’s just a plain wall.

One of the biggest concerns that geometric living wall designs solve is having smaller spaces. With a living geometric wall for your bedroom space, you’ll have enough space to create an interesting feature without it being too big. If you live in a bigger space, geometric living walls are also great for small expansions.

Bringing the Outside, In – Living Wall Ideas for Bedroom Patios and Balconies

Bedrooms vary in so many ways. Some master rooms even have patios and balconies that connect them to the outdoors. For these rooms, options for a living wall expand with details moving from just inside your room to the outside.

If you’re considering how to add a living wall to a bedroom with an outdoor area, consider building a secret retreat just for you:

Devonshire green wall installation

Outdoor Patio Retreat

Do you have a balcony or outdoor space for your bedroom? Then this is the perfect place to install a living wall!

If you’ve always wanted to have a secret garden, then an outdoor space with a living wall may be what you need. With a balcony, you also don’t have to incessantly worry about light. This makes it easier to have a wide variety of outdoor plants.

Not ready for a complex secret garden? Try out an artificial vertical garden wall! These walls are a good choice for smaller spaces and beginners. Since they’re not as complicated to tend to, they’re great for busy city dwellers or living wall neophytes.

A Cozy Living Wall Design for Your Bedroom

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Living walls have grown popular over the years for both commercial and residential interior design. Its natural aesthetic lends to an overall relaxing atmosphere. This is particularly beneficial for a space made for comfort such as your bedroom.

Before you go all out with your bedroom moss wall, make sure to consider the specifics of your wall. It’s important to consider the structural integrity of any living wall. If you’re going for a wall that uses plants, then it’s also important to consider the plant types, irrigation, and lighting. The final design and the longevity of the project will always be dependent on these factors.

While there’s several things that you may need to note, keep in mind these few reminders in taking care of your living wall:

  • Plants won’t thrive in a hostile environment. Hostile environments aren’t necessarily harsh–it simply means that the environment is not conducive for plant life and growth. Ensuring that you have the right environment includes having the correct containers. Without the right vessels, your living wall plants won’t have the chance to grow strong roots.
  • Despite being indoors, living walls still require the proper lighting. After all, plants need sunlight to create their food. If they’re being kept inside, having ample lighting is an absolute must. For your bedroom, try to situate the wall near natural light. If this isn’t possible, make sure that you have suitable lighting for the plants on your wall.
  • Water is also a necessity for plants to live. Different plants require different maintenance and care–this extends to their water intake as well. If you have several plants in your living wall, make sure to note how much water they need and how often they need to be irrigated. From there, consider what the best irrigation or watering system is for your living wall.

Cozy Up Your Space with Living Wall Designs for Your Bedroom!

Relaxing, yet exciting–living walls are a wonderful addition to any space if they’re properly installed and cared for. Whether you’re adding in a moss wall or a wall filled with dreamy plants, a living wall adds a certain charm to your room. If you’re in need of a relaxing upgrade to your room, then a living wall is indeed the way to go.

Vertical Green offers a wide range of green walls for sale. From moss to flowers, talk to our experts today and design the vertical secret garden of your dreams.

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