The Benefits of Biophilic Designs and Why You Should Incorporate Them in Your Space

When you think of relaxation and recreation, the images that usually come to mind are natural elements like vast grasslands, beaches, and waterfalls. This is because of our innate human need to be surrounded by nature, and this yearning needs to be reciprocated, which is why we should emphasize the benefits of biophilia.

The term “biophilia” translates to the love of all living things. It was coined in 1964 by psychologist Eric Fromm and then popularized in the 1980s by biologist Edward Wilson. In his book Biophilia, Wilson argued that our natural affinity for life is the essence of our humanity and binds us to other living things.

Biophilia explains why we need to integrate natural elements into our everyday lives, and this ideology has been trending in architectural and interior design because of its positive effects.

In this article, you’ll learn about the reasons why biophilic designs continue to trend, and how they can improve the overall well-being of your consumers, your employees, and yourself.

So, What are the Biophilic Design Benefits?


As you may have noticed in recent interior design trends, a lot of homemakers are choosing natural elements as they put together their homes.

In the Philippines, we’ve seen “Team Kahoy,” “Team Gubat,” “Plantitos,” and “Plantitas” trend over the pandemic. These are great examples of including nature in our everyday lives, and how we crave it amidst urbanization.

Reconnecting with nature through biophilic design ideas is beneficial to us as it positively affects our physiological, psychological, and cognitive health.

Here are some of the advantages that will convince you to incorporate natural design elements into your surroundings:

Enhances Your Physical Well-Being

Having plants in your space improves air quality and reduces noise pollution. They remove harmful organic compounds, essentially cleaning the air that you breathe. This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from different respiratory problems like asthma.

It’s also been proven that constantly being able to view natural elements can lower blood pressure, heart rate, chances of heart disease, and diabetes.

Makes You Feel Happier

Being around nature has several therapeutic effects that improve your mental state.

Our inclination to greenery helps ease negative feelings like stress, fear, and anxiety. Did you ever notice how you instinctively look to go outside in moments of distress? This is because the presence of nature creates a harmonious environment that encourages us to relax and take on a more positive perspective.

Incorporating the presence of water can make you feel calmer, improve your psychological responsiveness, and help with memory restoration.

Increases Your Creativity and Productivity

Given the health benefits of biophilic designs, engaging with nature indoors can increase your motivation. Research has shown that proximity to plants drives more creativity and productivity in workplaces by up to 15%. This means that investing in vertical gardens for your space can yield greater returns because of the quality of work you will produce and the increase in effectivity.

For a long time, people have thought that creating a workspace that’s sparsely designed can set the tone of productivity and industrialization. However, it’s clear that greener spaces are the future. Green areas can boost the cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects of your life. It’s a design choice that can impact your quality of life in a holistic manner.

Also, since natural elements boost your melatonin, it improves your sleeping patterns which in turn will give you more energy for the day ahead. It can also play a part in ensuring that you get clean air in your space.

The ability of plants to improve airflow and regulate temperature can boost your concentration which can lead you to be more efficient and effective at whatever you do.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

The natural organic compounds in plants reduce harmful materials in common materials like paint, carpets, and furniture making them more sustainable.

Additionally, the ability of plants to allow water vapor back into the air optimizes temperature in the environment it’s in. This can lead to lesser energy consumption and create cooler surroundings. So instead of using air conditioning all day long, including more plants in your space can reduce the heat of the sun.

Technological Innovations Inspired by Nature

As biophilic designs continue to trend over the years, we can expect innovations in technology that includes natural elements. Some examples of advancements, for instance, are vertical gardens with smart irrigation systems or indoor waterfalls and ponds.

Be More In-Tune with Nature

Immersing yourself in nature gives an instinctive feeling to care for your surroundings. Its many benefits can inspire movements to protect and preserve natural elements in your space.

Biophilia: A Smart Choice

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Overall, you can’t go wrong with integrating biophilic designs into your space. Its many benefits positively affect you, your consumers, your surroundings, and future innovations. It adds character to your space, making it more unique and memorable to those who come across it.

Satiate our human need to be with nature. Mixing urbanization and biophilic designs can create smarter yet relaxing spaces that all can enjoy.

Our Gardens

Here at Vertical Green, we continue to craft biophilic designs in spaces meant to serve various industries such as hospitality, residential, and offices, through our innovative vertical gardens.

Our biophilic hotel designs can turn ordinary spaces into lush havens that your guests can immerse themselves in. Give them an opportunity to reconnect with nature and take refuge in a relaxing environment.

Meanwhile, we can also install unique biophilic office designs to help create calmer conditions for your employees, encouraging their creativity and productivity. Our vertical gardens can reduce noise pollution and stress-inducing hormones to increase concentration and motivation in the workplace.

Lastly, we create customized biophilic residential designs that can mitigate and alleviate any feelings of fear, anger, discomfort, and pain in your home—which should be your safe haven.

Being more connected to your natural surroundings motivates a sense of community that can inspire positive energy and perspectives. Our biophilic home ideas will give you an insight into how you can incorporate our vertical greenery into your personal space.

Take the leap and bring the outdoors in through Vertical Green!

Get in touch with us to know how we can customize a biophilic design for your space.

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