The benefits of preserved flat moss may just surprise you.

With many of us still confined to indoor spaces because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, revitalizing our interior design has become more of a necessity than a mere design choice. One of the interior design trends that have since risen in popularity are indoor green walls.

These stunning walls of greenery come in many forms. While some prefer vertical gardens of lush plants, there are those that prefer a cleaner and more minimalist option. This is one reason why preserved flat moss has risen to its current status as a trendy addition that fits both residential and commercial or corporate environments.

From our day-to-day grind during remote work to the comfort of our recreation after hours, incorporating greenery such as preserved flat moss into our environment can introduce many positive changes. Discover the benefits of preserved flat moss, and why using preserved flat moss in your interior design can be a game-changing decision.

wall designed with preserved flat moss

What is Preserved Flat Moss?

In a nutshell, preserved flat moss is curated moss that has been specially treated to preserve its vibrant green color and naturally fluffy texture. When comparing preserved moss versus dried moss, the former feels and looks much more like healthy, natural moss in its prime. The latter looks darker, drier, and is used less in design applications and more for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Why Use Preserved Flat Moss?

Preserved flat moss has caught the eye of interior and urban landscape designers all over the world. While its simplicity and beauty undoubtedly play a part in its rising popularity, the many benefits of preserved flat moss have continued to catapult it into architectural and interior designs that combine form and function with a touch of greenery.

The Benefits of Preserved Flat Moss

Simplicity in Nature’s Beauty

One of the most popular principles in design is the saying “Less is More”. In the hands of a skilled designer, even a simple patch of preserved moss can turn into a focal point for any room. Use preserved flat moss to create a unique accent wall or pocket garden that can provide an interesting design element for clients or guests to enjoy when they visit. Even a simple white wall can make a statement with the addition of a preserved flat moss tile or two.

An Epitome of Green Design

Green design and architecture have been on the uptick in recent years, and its three principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle are embodied in the use of preserved flat moss. In using preserved flat moss, designers are able to reduce wastage of a naturally occurring design material in the form of moss, while minimizing usage and unnecessary waste of perishable green design elements like cut fresh flowers and ornamental plants. This harvested moss is reused by being subjected to a special treatment that retains its natural beauty and encourages recycling because of its low maintenance nature. A good green wall company that provides green moss can take damaged patches of it and replace them with a pristine piece.

preserved flat moss used as a green design in an office

Calming Atmosphere

It was not too long ago that office spaces were confined to conventional colors of blacks, whites, and blues. These colors were said to evoke feelings of professionalism, productivity, and even industriousness. Since then, the use of color at the workplace has branched out. Designers have included colors that revitalize the workplace and bring a sense of personality and style. The use of the color green in places of high productivity can create a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere that soothes the mind and calms the senses especially after prolonged screen usage.

Darker forest greens are more reminiscent of the outdoors and do little to distract employees from their tasks — this is one reason why preserved flat moss is a perfect choice for corporate space use. However, designers should practice caution in utilizing this color too liberally. Too much green in an office space can create a muddled and overwhelming effect that makes your workplace feel more like a jungle and less like a place for collaboration and ideation.

Plant Power

Studies by the Royal College of Agriculture in England found that introducing plants into a place of productivity (like a classroom) could boost attentiveness by up to 70%. Whether working from home or at the office, the use of preserved flat moss for your interior design is a great way to bring plants for added attentiveness without the maintenance that indoor plants typically entail.

Opt for a practical botanical solution that gives you the benefits of having plants around without having to keep track of its maintenance and care. With the advantage of preserved flat moss, you will be powering through your meetings, no matter how long they might be.

Cost-Effective Greenery

Whether indoors or outdoors, maintaining plants requires plenty of investment in the form of time and money. By using preserved flat moss, you will never have to worry about additional expenses to your water bill for irrigation. Because of its specially treated chemical composition, preserved flat moss is also unsusceptible to insect infestations. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about dealing with pests at the office.

Undying Freshness

A benefit of preserved flat moss is how it never deteriorates. Unlike real flowers or plants, a lapse in maintenance can easily spell the difference between a dead plant and a healthy one. Using preserved flat moss as your main source of greenery means that you can lessen the chances of having to deal with eventual deterioration. Simply schedule regular inspections for moss panel damage, so you can keep your moss wall installation looking as pristine as the day you got it.

We hope these six advantages of preserved flat moss can convince you to give this hardy design option a chance. Whether you use it in your living spaces or your offices, you are bound to find an installation and design application that works for you. Partner with a reliable green wall company for consultation on your preferred design and dimensions today!

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