Design and Build Services for Vertical Landscaping

Vertical Green has ten years of experience in providing urban spaces with aesthetically pleasing and innovative green walls.  We work with an extensive range of clients in Asia, from corporate offices in Singapore to upscale residences in the Philippines.

We’re more than just green wall suppliers. We cover every aspect of urban greenery, including customizable designs, professional installation, and efficient maintenance. Our staff has the knowledge and training to handle everything you need to keep your sustainable green wall beautiful and thriving.

And everything starts with cutting-edge vertical garden systems.

Sustainable Products

HyGro Wall combines a variety of plants that suit your site conditions. It features automated irrigation and fertigation systems, providing heat insulation and creating biodiversity indoors and outdoors.

HyGro Moss do not need additional sunlight or irrigation, making it an easy to maintain method of improving air quality and incorporating nature into your brand.

Professional Design and Installation

Vertical Green’s efficient design process leaves nothing to chance. From design to installation, we handle everything with care.

Design Considerations

Our in-house design team considers numerous factors to ensure that we deliver the exquisite urban greenery solution you require.

  • Site Conditions: We determine the environmental conditions of your location, specifically if it’s outdoors or indoors, and the quality of light.
  • Green Wall Requirements: Our team analyses if site conditions are ideal for any of our green walls.
  • Product Recommendation: Using the information, we make a recommendation whether your space is more ideal for a Hygro Wall or a Hygro Moss structure.
  • Plant Species: We help you choose plant species that will thrive in your urban space and provide you with a vibrant verdant display.
  • Color: You have the option of choosing the colors of the plants or moss we will install.
vertical landscapes

Customizable Designs

Our staff can help guide you as you customize your sustainable greenery. Your living wall or stackable plants can match your branding or complement your interior decor.

Expert Procurement and Installation

We oversee each project meticulously, handling both procurement and guaranteeing high-quality installation.

Handover Procedures

This last step includes a thorough discussion of the operating system’s capabilities and requirements. We’ll also give you a copy of the operational manual.

Once the handover procedures are complete, you’re free to enjoy the cleaner air and calming ambiance provided by your new green wall.

Reliable Maintenance Services

After we design and install your green wall, we can keep it lush and beautiful by providing efficient maintenance services, from pruning to repotting. Our hard working staff will be dispatched to your location once you give us a call — day or night.

Reinventing Urban Communities

Vertical Green transforms commercial and residential spaces across Asia with innovative vertical landscaping. Through research and development, we bring you sustainable solutions that address your needs for indoor and outdoor gardens.

View our gallery today and see how we can help you incorporate the beauty of nature into your urban space.

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