Things You Need to know About Indoor Green Walls

Who doesn’t love the fresh feeling of being surrounded by nature? But as outdoor green spaces are becoming fewer and smaller in Metro Manila, it can be challenging for many businesses and organizations to establish themselves near accessible green spaces.

This is what our indoor green walls are trying to solve. As progress and innovation pave the way for the country’s urban revolution, let’s not forget the benefits of having green spaces even indoors and in commercial and office spaces.

If you’re planning on having an indoor wall garden installed in your office or commercial space, here are the things you need to know about indoor green walls.

indoor green walls

Why place green walls indoors?

Metro Manila is home to many highly urban communities in the Philippines. As infrastructure and other developments increase, the number of parks and accessible green spaces decreases. We don’t oppose progress and innovation; rather, we’re providing solutions to integrate nature into these developments by placing the green spaces indoors.

When are green walls used indoors?

Vertical green walls are the popular solution for office spaces and commercial centers where accessible outdoor green spaces are difficult to come by. As more infrastructure and building developments pop up in the metro, it can be difficult for businesses to integrate green spaces into their business. Green walls seek to innovate the way we see green spaces by providing a touch of nature to any indoor room.

What are the benefits of a green wall?

Indoor green walls not only provide an appealing natural aesthetic, but they also provide several benefits, including:

  • Cleaner, fresher indoor oxygen – rather than using fake plants, live plants in your indoor wall garden provide the advantage of natural filters and oxygen sources. For offices, this is great for productivity as studies show that better oxygen levels are linked to better concentration.
  • Reduces heat and humidity – natural plants can reduce heat, balance humidity, and enhance air ventilation, which can help reduce energy costs for maintaining the indoor environment.
  • Improves green image – studies show that younger adults are leaning towards businesses that are environmentally conscious. Having green spaces in your office is the first step towards building your business’ eco-conscious image.
  • Removes airborne pollutants – your indoor green wall serves as a natural filter for pollutants and providing your office with fresher air. Its balancing features also ensure that the indoor air does not become a conducive breeding ground for airborne viruses.

How much does it cost to build an indoor green wall?

There are plenty of factors that affect the cost of installing indoor green walls into your property. From the design, to the choice of plants, to the size of the project, to the irrigation system used to sustain these plants. Contact us to request for a quotation for your project.

How long do green walls last?

Your vertical green wall can last indefinitely as long as your indoor wall garden is properly maintained. Our vertical green walls are specifically designed to thrive in an indoor environment – you can leave that to us while you focus on the main operations of your business.

What are the key differences between the outdoor and indoor green wall systems?

The biggest difference is the environment: outdoor green walls have access to natural lighting from the sun, outdoor air, and rain, making it much easier for outdoor green walls to thrive.

Indoor green walls, on the other hand, are in a different environment. There may be little to no access to natural sunlight. Despite this, however, our indoor garden walls are equipped with special lights for plant growth and the plants used are specifically picked for their ability to thrive in indoor conditions.

How do green indoor walls help the environment?

Green walls transform the indoor air you breathe. By innovating the way urban centers see green spaces, we are encouraging people to optimize their health and wellness and improve working conditions. Vertical indoor gardens are just the first step towards other measures your business can take to becoming more environmentally-friendly.

As more businesses are seeing the benefits of green spaces and sustainability for their practices, so does the practice of installing indoor garden walls in your office and commercial spaces.

Vertical Green is an advocate in transforming urban spaces by integrating them with green walls for that touch of nature within your business’ walls. Contact us today to turn your property one step closer to green and sustainable practices.

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