Living Wall Apartments are the Future of Lifestyle Living.

The use of vertical gardens in commercial spaces is a design trend that is steadily on the rise. Both in the Philippines and internationally, more and more developers are using moss wall interiors for malls, restaurants, offices, and more. But how come not enough developers are making use of vertical gardening systems in residential spaces?

Green wall condos and apartments are a rising trend in the international scene, seeing use from interior designers, architects, and engineers across housing projects all over the world. From the picturesque Dnipropetrovsk apartment complex in Ukraine, to the world’s largest vertical garden at the Singapore Tree House condominium, apartments that feature indoor wall gardens and moss wall interiors are becoming hallmarks of future-forward living meets eco-friendly design.

If you are a developer or designer looking for inspiration for your next residential project, then this is the read for you. Get ahead of the curve and beat out the competition by being among the first to build a green wall condo in the Philippines.

HyGroMoss with a framed panel on top of a white cabinet

Why Should I Build a Green Wall Condo?

While there are many benefits of having a vertical garden, here are a few that are decidedly great features for any apartment or condo-dweller.

Improved Air Quality

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down when it forced us into our homes and had us masking up to safeguard ourselves against the virus. Aside from the risks that this airborne disease poses, staying inside for long periods of time can make the air inside our homes feel stale, musty, and even toxic. The addition of a plant or moss wall interior, even as an accent wall, can provide some reinforcement against this effect.

Give the live plants in your green wall condo a chance to purify air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing fresh, clean, oxygen for any solo or family residents to breathe in as they stay at home. Give your unit owners the chance to work, study, and play from the comfort of their own dwelling place while still breathing in fresh air from the lovely vertical greenery.

Natural Cooling Properties

In a tropical country like ours, everyone can feel the heat all year round. The temptation to go all out with ventilation can be strong especially in the sweltering summer months — but turning on the AC for long periods of time isn’t good for any tenant’s unit AND wallet. Save them from the expenses and discomfort of a stuffy apartment by giving your residential project a natural selling point: a vertical garden wall.

By incorporating this into the design of your living wall condo, you can market the investment of lowered electricity consumption, cooler living spaces, and a reduced carbon footprint. Give your property the advantage of being the coolest place to live in the city, literally!

Botanical Sound Proofing

Having trouble marketing to younger clientele? This one’s for the content creators, the musicians, and the streamers. Give your potential tenants a fun alternative to conventional foam soundproofing by building natural sound control into your green wall apartment. Vertical garden walls and moss wall interiors offer natural sound proofing that looks as good as it sounds.

Give the younger market a reason to give your living wall apartment a second look by tapping into their common hobbies, passions, and livelihoods.

Developer Tip: Want to give potential residents a fun personalization option? Generate some buzz by letting them personalize their interior moss walls! Reindeer moss is an excellent design addition because of its compatibility with dye. Give them a chance to personalize their unit with a splash of color or add a trademark color of your own to make your project stand out completely.

framed HygroMoss hanged in a living room wall of a condo unit

A Sanctuary from the City Life

Anyone who has lived in a city knows that it can get busy and noisy. In a study conducted by scientists Lee, M., Lee, J., Park, and Miyazaki under the National Center for Biotechnology Information, research suggested that active interaction with indoor plants had the potential to reduce physiological and psychological stress. This relief is experienced through the body’s suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure—promoting feelings of comfort and nature in its place.

For any city dweller, a peaceful and calming environment can seem like a luxury compared to the hustle and bustle down below. Give your green wall condo a chance to be their stress-free sanctuary amidst their hectic lifestyle and offer some semblance of work-life balance to interested residents.

Offer a Stunning Garden View

With plantitos and plantitas growing in droves around the metro, an appreciation for a good garden view is on the rise. Condos and apartments are known for being more compact compared to other property types so a dedicated garden view and a space for sprawling indoor plants is not always feasible. Give potential buyers an alternative within the concrete jungle by offering a lush patch of green in your green wall condo.

Whether they opt for an indoor moss wall or a vertical wall garden with HyGro technology, these green thumbed residents may find solace in the compact vertical greenery you have to offer.

Be the Seed that Grows a Movement.

With living wall apartments and condos rising to new heights all over the world, what is stopping you from being a maverick in the local condo industry by pioneering green wall condos in the country? These five benefits of green wall condo dwelling offer something new, fresh, and exciting to potential buyers that are navigating our stagnating real estate market.

Take a chance and introduce a new twist on green living. Incorporate moss wall interiors and vertical indoor gardens into your next condo or apartment complex project by getting in touch with us at Vertical Green!

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