Why Vertical Gardens Are Sustainable and Offer Low Maintenance Solutions

More businesses are turning towards the practice of indoor vertical gardens as a means to turning their office and commercial spaces into integrated green spaces. It’s a great aesthetic for those looking to incorporate live greenery into their rooms while also providing the benefits of nature to both employees and its customers.

When some businesses look at vertical landscape gardens, however, they may wonder how much time and effort will be needed on their end to maintain the wall’s beauty and appeal. The short answer: our vertical gardens are low-maintenance and sustainable installations for your business.

Here’s what you need to know about maintenance and sustaining your green wall installations when you partner with Vertical Green to make your commercial or office space greener.

A Residence vertical landscape

What plants work well in a vertical garden?

We work with a number of local plant species that can thrive in both indoor and outdoor spaces. We consult with our clients about their vision for a low-maintenance vertical garden and provide them with a solution that matches their needs.

We use low-maintenance plants for our vertical garden that can easily thrive in our HyGro™ Wall. We have a selection of plants suitable for outdoor or full sun conditions and a selection of plant suitable to indoor or low light conditions. Additionally, our selection of plants have been tested to be suitable to our green wall system.

Are vertical gardens easy to maintain?

For our customers, our low-maintenance vertical gardens require once a month maintenance. When plants need trimming or replacing, or when the irrigation system is in need of repairs, our team steps in to do the work. That way, our clients can reap the benefits of a low-maintenance vertical garden while we take all the steps necessary to keep it beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

How do you maintain a vertical garden?

Vertical Green’s team of professionals conduct maintenance every now and then to perform the following in every maintenance routine:

  • Trimming – We remove withered leaves and bits where the plants have become overgrown.
  • Fertilizer – Our HyGro™ Wall helps retain its soil’s nutrients, but for certain kinds of plants that need more nourishment, our team knows how to properly fertilize low-maintenance plants for your vertical garden.
  • Pest Control –Our team routinely applies organic pesticide as a preventive measure to keep out pests and other harmful elements that turn your green wall into a breeding ground for insects.
  • Irrigation System Maintenance – We check your irrigation system for faults and leaks that can lead to overwatering and underwatering your plants.
  • Plants Replacement – Plants that have reached the end of their life cycle or are no longer aesthetically appealing are replaced with new plants.

How often should you water a vertical garden?

Skypark green wall near pool

Once you’ve installed one of our low-maintenance vertical gardens, you can simply leave it as is.

Our HyGro™ Wall Direct Tap is directly connected to a water and drainage point, so you do not have to deal with watering your green walls yourself. On the other hand, our HyGro™ Wall with Reservoir is connected to s storage tank designed to pump and filter water onto your green wall. As long as there is enough water in the reservoir, you can leave it as is to take care of your plants until our team arrives to perform our routine maintenance.

How are vertical gardens sustainable?

Vertical wall gardens are not only low-maintenance, but also sustainable and a long-term investment for your business. These green walls offer benefits for your wellness, including:

  • Cleaner, fresher indoor oxygen – live plants in your commercial or office space offer the advantage of natural filters and oxygen sources. For offices, this can assist in productivity as studies show that better oxygen levels are linked to better concentration.
  • Reduces heat and humidity – plants can reduce heat, balance humidity, and enhance ventilation, which can help reduce energy usage while maintaining the indoor environment.
  • Removes airborne pollutants – this serves as a natural filter for pollutants. Its balancing features also ensure that the indoor air does not become a conducive breeding ground for airborne viruses.

For a sustainable and low-maintenance décor to your office or business, vertical wall gardens are the answer to many businesses in the metro. With very minimal maintenance on your part, you can enjoy the benefits of real nature integrated into your spaces while focusing on the operations that matter most in your business.

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