The Many Indoor Applications of Preserved Moss

If you are looking to revamp your space and add a bit of life and greenery, then look no further than preserved moss! There are a lot of creative ways for you to incorporate preserved moss walls into your space. As the leading preserved moss supplier in the country, we make it a point to set the trend by coming up with ingenious and out-of-the-ordinary ways to incorporate preserved moss.

What is preserved moss?

Preserved moss is moss that’s been naturally harvested from the floors of the forests of Northern Europe and has undergone a special preservation process to keep it’s vibrant color, texture, and softness. Some of our moss is also naturally colored, to achieve a wide range of colors from turquoise, sunny yellow, to fiery red. Best of all, because of the preservation process, the moss is maintenance-free –  meaning it requires no sunlight, soil, air, or watering.

An important thing to note is that preserved moss is not dried moss! Preserved moss retains its softness, while dried moss is dehydrated, making it crispy and causing it to turn brown and disintegrate over time.

Moss in Design

Korn Ferry vertical landscape

Moss is one of the oldest plants in the world, with some fossilized species found to be possibly as old as 540 million years old, even before any form of animal started to walk the earth. Moss looks like a lush, thick green carpet but is actually a micro-organism with no roots, seeds, or buds. Instead, it is made up of leaves, stems, and thin fibrous filaments called rhizoids.

Using green moss as a form of vertical landscape design can be attributed to the Buddhist priests. There are records of them using moss as early as 1,300 years ago! The most popular of which is at the Saihoji Temple in Kyoto, aptly called Koke-Dera or the Moss Temple.

Today, moss walls have risen in popularity because of its versatility and the low maintenance needed to keep one. It has all the beauty and style a living green wall can bring to a space minus the lighting and irrigation needs.

The Benefits of Using Preserved Moss

Many architects, designers, and artists turn to preserved moss to decorate and style their indoor spaces because of its versatility. Preserved moss naturally come in many different hues but can also be dyed in a multitude of shades to complement any space or even mimic any logo or pattern.

On top of elevating your interior design, preserved moss is also found to insulate sound, making it good for office spaces, reception areas, and other high-traffic areas.

Caring for Your Preserved Moss Wall

While your vertical moss wall may look and feel real, it’s virtually maintenance-free! Similar to artificial vertical garden walls, it does not require any sunlight or water to live. This is because of the special preservation process the moss has undergone to keep it looking fresh. While not technically alive, the preserved moss is able to maintain it’s fresh appearance thanks to our careful and meticulous treatments meant to keep it in its prime form. Try to avoid installing your moss wall in places that receive direct sunlight, as this can cause it to lose its vibrancy over time.

Here’s how you can apply preserved moss in your space.

  1. Preserved Moss Vertical Green WallsPreserved moss walls are some of the best ways to add a pop of color and life into an otherwise dull and dreary room. A preserved moss vertical garden is good alternative to paint or wallpaper, and can impress any visitor that drops by your home or office. Because it is low maintenance and it can handle the typical indoor climate conditions (i.e. continuous air conditioning and indirect sunlight), it is the perfect addition to residential and corporate locations. 
  2. Preserved Moss SignageA preserved moss logo is a unique way to proudly show off your logo and improve your brand positioning. Preserved moss can be naturally dyed a wide variety of colors to match your company’s logo, and will keep its vibrancy for years to come.
  3. Preserved Moss Panels and FramesA fun and quirky way to incorporate preserved moss is by using it to frame your artwork or photos!
  4. Suspended Preserved MossBring the outdoors inside with the use of preserved moss. For this application, we recommend using preserved pole moss because of its unique rounded shape and texture. Hang spheres of preserved moss from the ceiling to create a beautiful canopy of green descending onto you. This will surely create a jaw-dropping focal point in your room that your guests will be talking about for days.
  5. Preserved Moss Reception AreaCreate an inviting reception area for your office or lobby with a preserved moss wall. You’re not just limited to having one type of preserved moss for your structure. Our experts can combine different variants, colors, and textures to make your preserved moss wall come alive and bring much needed greenery into your room.
  6. Preserved Moss ArtInstead of just using preserved moss as a background or to frame your art, use it as the medium itself. We’ve done pieces where we’ve made maps out of preserved moss, landscapes, forest scenes, and so much more.
  7. Preserved Moss CenterpieceCreate a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table using preserved moss. Instead of having the frame standing up, simply lay it flat on top of your dining room table. Think of building upwards instead of sideward to create height and more balance in your centerpiece.

For premium preserved moss that last years, trust only the leading preserved moss supplier in the country. Vertical Green hand-picks its moss from the forests of Northern Europe and carefully puts each one through a special preservation process so it retains its texture and softness. Talk to us today about your options.

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