Discover Preserved Moss, and Its Many Benefits!

Bit by bit, preserved moss is gaining traction as one of the hottest design trends to hit the scene. Admired and favored by property owners and interior designers alike, this green design installation has found its way into many homes, offices, and recreational spaces due to its natural beauty. If you are looking to find out more about preserved moss before introducing it to your space, then you have come to the right place. Read on as we answer some of the most frequently asked questions on preserved moss, while learning about its benefits and limitless design applications!

preserved moss

What is Preserved Moss?

Our artisanal preserved moss is specially harvested from their natural habitat, like forest floors and tundra depending on the moss species. These lush and velvety ground covers are sorted through until only the best and healthiest of the batch is retained. The moss is then dried before being treated with a special solution that keeps the moss looking fresh, fluffy, and springy.

How Do I Maintain My Preserved Moss Wall?

Preserved moss is no longer alive, and its sap has been completely drained. This means that your moss will no longer grow, meaning that you do not have to worry about irrigation. The lack of organic matter also eliminates the danger of insects and pests, so you can say bye-bye to pesticides. However, keeping your preserved moss wall neat and tidy does help to keep that clean look. To prevent and control dust accumulation or spider webs, a feather duster is more than enough.

How Long Will My Preserved Moss Installation Last?

Preserved moss installations can last several years with proper precautions and minimal maintenance. We recommend choosing an indoor location with little natural light and no moisture exposure to prevent degrading. Inevitably, some moss bundles may lose their color or gather dust over time which can result in an unsightly appearance. But no need to worry since this can easily be remedied by replacing the affected moss bundle. Make it a habit to conduct annual checkups of your moss installation so fallen or damaged pieces can easily be replaced by your preserved moss installation provider. By taking the proper precautions and conducting annual checkups, your preserved moss installation can last for many years to come with minimal maintenance.

What are the Types of Preserved Moss I Can Use for My Installation?

There are a wide number of moss specimens to choose from when designing your preserved moss installation. We listed down a few of the most common preserved moss types used in these stunning pieces of immortalized nature.

Reindeer Moss

Preserved reindeer moss is one of the most popular variants of preserved moss since it is an excellent choice for themed installations in offices, hotels, and even cafes or restaurants due to its highly-customizable nature. Naturally occurring in tundra where reindeers graze, its pale, almost silvery color easily lends itself as a vehicle for many hues when dyed during the preservation process. Use reindeer moss to create unique reception areas, restaurant backdrops, and even decoration pieces inside your home.

Flat Moss

Typically harvested from forest floors, this preserved ground cover moss has an even and lush feel that can serve as an excellent wall or pillar accent to introduce a pop of green into a minimalist space. It also serves as a crisp and uniform backdrop for large, preserved moss art installations to let more texturally varied specimens of moss shine.

Pole Moss

Known by many names like hill moss is characterized by its round moss form that lends a mesmerizing 3D effect to any installation that incorporates it. Known for its interesting appearance that mimics hills and landscapes, this preserved moss species also doubles as an artful acoustics installation because of its interesting shape. Pole moss shines best when combined with other textures and colors.

What Designs Can I Make with Preserved Moss?

Speak Green

Create large, word art that uses preserved moss as its medium to communicate a striking and powerful message of your choice. Whether it be a company value, an ethos you live by, or anything that means something to you and your clients, you can create art that speaks and shows your message at the same time.

Sprawling Wall Art

Whether you go for a graphic and minimalist design or a sprawling landscape of preserved moss, this application is especially impressive in large spaces like meeting rooms, function halls, and restaurants. Use this application for extreme wow factor that is both tasteful and impressive.

Shape the World

Create fun shapes like spheres and hearts made of preserved moss! These shapes are inviting and fun, and create a warm, approachable atmosphere in spaces like corporate common areas, malls, and even schools. There are endless possibilities, so allow your ideas to take shape— in moss form!

We hope that this short guide on preserved moss can open your horizons to this uniquely green medium. Let your imagination run wild and contact us as your reliable preserved moss wall provider that can bring your designs to life!

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