The best green wall for your balcony is one that lets you live fully

Coming up with a space that feels like home is always a challenge for new homeowners. This is especially challenging for homeowners that are making the switch from a traditional house & lot with wide, open spaces, to a more urban home in the city like a condo unit with a balcony. This may cause green thumbs that are especially accustomed to the abundance of lush greenery and flora around their property to feel a sense of homesickness. But as more and more homeowners make the switch from traditional homes to urban living, solutions like balcony green walls are also on the rise. Vertical landscape design is one of such home design movements that has been gaining traction in recent years because of its flexibility.

Owners of both conventional and much more urban homes like medium to high-rise condominium units have explored the option of installing green walls for their balcony. But for homes in highly urbanized areas or properties that don’t allow maintaining a traditional garden, the introduction of a living wall balcony can make a massive difference on the overall vibe of your home. If you are living in either of these types of homes, here are three ways that a green wall for your balcony can totally transform your home.

green wall for balcony

1. A Compact Garden Wall

One of the best ideas for your balcony is a compact garden wall. Not only does it add a vibrant splash of green and many other gorgeous colors to your home, but also gives you the chance to be one with nature in the middle of an urban jungle. A compact garden can also help a person relax especially during these difficult times when we are locked up in our own homes.

A living wall balcony is a great addition to your urban home that makes for a better state of mind. It also makes for easier gardening, because all your plants are in one compact side of your home. Less water and pesticide needed, since you only concentrate on one space.

2. A Gorgeous and Natural Entertainment Space

In urban living arrangements like high-rise condos, space is a scarce resource that must be maximized. Extend your space and entertain guests in a stylish, alfresco setting by adding a living green wall to your balcony. Our living green wall service is one that minimizes the maintenance you need to do yourself, since the living wall is equipped with its own specialized irrigation system, for guaranteed and even watering that never goes overboard. Its concrete jungle vibe is one that will guarantee an impressive and opulent vibe throughout your entertainment space. Decorate your outdoor entertainment space with lush and colorful ornamental plants that will surely leave your guests with a long-lasting impression with minimal upkeep and maintenance.

Since you save time and effort on the upkeep, you can instead focus on improving the overall mood of your new entertainment space by introducing creative little elements like a coffee table with a cabinet for party games, or an outdoor mini bar that lets you whip up some zippy cocktails or serve up some quality spirits. You can even create a cozy movie theater by placing a projector in your balcony and taping up some old tarp to serve as your screen. Channel vintage outdoor cinema vibes in stylishly green fashion. Serve up some stellar snacks and charcuterie as you enjoy the company of your loved ones in your living wall balcony-turned-living room or cinema!

3. A Zen-zational Balcony Gym

Whether you love to lay out your yoga mat and strike those poses or have a soul for indoor cycling, physical fitness is an essential part of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Set up a space in your unit’s balcony that you can seek solace in and work up a sweat in peace. A green wall for your balcony gives you privacy and relaxes the senses. A green moss wall in the surrounding indoor areas can soften the look of your space and give you a softer surface to lean on.

Accessorize the space with a little juice bar setup by placing a cart with your favorite glasses and a blender or go ham by placing workout equipment like jump ropes, weights, and yoga mats in a cute wicker basket for a space that helps you live healthy in more ways than one.

Pro Tip: On a budget? Save on ridiculously high gym fees by slightly extending your balcony gym indoors! Section off the area closest to your balcony with shelves and add indoor green walls to carry over a bit of your zen garden gym vibe. Adding to the space lets you place a bit more gym equipment, especially those that require a socket and need protection from the elements.

Regardless of which of the three applications of a green wall for your balcony sounds best for the lifestyle you want, reach out to experienced vertical landscape design professionals that can deliver the results and the look that you want for your hard-earned home!

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