Decorating with Reindeer Moss is Classy and Easy!

As more and more spaces go green in an effort to promote eco-friendly living, trends in design and décor have also followed suit. With this green-geared art renaissance, decorating with reindeer moss has become a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces alike. Vertical garden companies that offer plenty of indoor design options like HyGro™ Wall and HyGro™ Moss Walls for interior use also provide plenty of personalization, installation, and maintenance services when it comes to colored reindeer moss pieces.


colored reindeer moss

What is Colored Reindeer Moss?

If this is your first time hearing about colored reindeer moss, you don’t have to worry! The use of reindeer moss in interior design has only grown to where it is now in recent years. However, it is quickly gaining traction among interior designers and enthusiasts alike. This tundra-dwelling lichen is a favorite snack of grazing reindeer, hence its playful name. Because of its pale, silvery appearance, reindeer moss colors can range from moody dark hues to vibrant tones that breathe life into any space.

If you are in the market to add classy and eco-friendly art installations to your interiors, then this article is perfect for you. Find creative inspiration from our five reindeer moss ideas!

1. Hang Up Some Living Art Pieces

Are you a fan of hanging paintings up on your walls? Create stunning masterpieces with traditional or digital art and partner with a moss wall provider to recreate it with colored reindeer moss. By treating reindeer moss like an art medium, you can enjoy the appearance of preserved life—in the form of moss that looks fluffy and healthy all-year round. The unique end result of your art piece will show off your individuality and creativity — as well as the vibrance and texture of the reindeer moss colors.

2. Tile ‘Em Up!

Create a striking visual effect by tiling vertical spaces like walls or columns with colored reindeer moss. Alternate the reindeer moss with other materials like marble or wood to create various ambiances that range from sleek and simple to dark and moody. You can even design with reindeer moss alone, by creating patterns or gradient effects by working with various reindeer moss colors and arranging them in a certain order or from dark to light. Experiment with different tile shapes like squares, rectangles, and even polygons to create interesting and minimalist patterns.

3. Channel Zen With an Indoor Zen Garden

Do you want to create a peaceful environment where you and other people in your home or office can relax and take a breather? In a 2015 study conducted by Korean and Japanese researchers Min-sun and Juyoung Lee, Bum-Jin Park, and Yoshifumi Miyazaki, it was proven that people felt significantly soothed and relaxed by engaging in indoor plant-related activities or being around indoor plants. Additionally, the research has successfully concluded that “active interaction with indoor plants can reduce both physiological and psychological stress.” While an indoor vertical garden has its pros and cons, using moss walls and vertical gardens with decorative indoor plants to create a peaceful space to recover is a great, multi-functional design piece. Care for both the physical and mental health of yourself and your employees by investing in the design of your environment.

Pro Tip: Use the science of colors to add to the calming properties of your indoor zen space. Reindeer moss colors are highly customizable, so you can opt for light or deep greens for a restful ambiance for your eyes. Is your workplace often fast-paced and tense? Use blue hues for your reindeer moss colors for an air of calmness and serenity!

4. Have Yourself a Mossy Little Christmas

Getting tired of bringing out the Christmas tree and putting it back in storage every single year? Have yourself a mossy little Christmas by creating a trendy reindeer moss design that is bursting with some holiday cheer. Use reindeer moss colors like reds, greens, and yellows for that classic Christmas vibe and decorate the space with some light-weight Christmas ornaments. Want to keep it subtle? Use the classic pine tree green color for your reindeer moss and hang up some Christmas lights for a heart-warming display. Come January, you won’t have to worry about putting the tree away because of your creative reindeer moss idea. Celebrate the holidays in style with minimal clean up by decorating with reindeer moss.

5. Mix and Match the Moss!

Colored reindeer moss pops most when used alongside our other moss types, like flat moss and pole moss. Rather than one uniform composition of reindeer moss colors, you can mix and match the moss used for the wall garden for an interesting and dynamic design. Whether you blanket an entire wall with different kinds of moss or create a small, framed piece with varying heights, colors, and textures, this playful mix will surely catch the eye of anybody entering your space. The combination of different textures can also provide a number of additional benefits, like noise pollution reduction and thermal control. Have fun and get creative with your reindeer moss designs by adding other types into your design piece!

We hope that these five reindeer moss ideas will find their way into your homes, offices, and any other space you can think of. Reindeer moss is a fun and versatile design material to work with, so don’t be shy about exploring its applications. Whether you use one of the five ideas we listed here or you come up with your own design to showcase, feel free to get in touch with a vertical garden provider. An experienced moss wall provider can help you bring your vision to life and provide the appropriate maintenance for yearly touch ups and repairs should your installation be damaged or compromised.

colored reindeer moss

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