Elevate Your Interiors with the Right Preserved Moss Wall!

Bringing a touch of green indoors can breathe fresh life into a space. Vertical gardens are one of the hottest new design trends taking over office and living spaces alike. While there are many types of vertical gardens, one of the classiest and simplest kinds of vertical gardens is the indoor moss wall. Indoor installations that feature real preserved moss are easy to care for and pleasing to the eyes. However, like any piece of décor you introduce to a space, it is important to choose one that best meets your needs and your space’s aesthetics.

Why should you choose an indoor moss wall?

As a type of vertical garden, an indoor moss wall carries a variety of advantages that go beyond being a focal piece for your home or office. The many benefits of vertical gardens are temperature regulation, improved indoor cooling, air purification, and stress reduction, among many others. Like different pieces of art, the different types of preserved moss walls each create a unique look and feel that can totally transform a space.  If you have been considering a vertical garden installation but are unsure what kind of moss wall would suit your taste best, then this is the perfect guide for you!

reindeer moss wall at Adidas Office

Reindeer Moss

With a lush, soft, appearance, preserved reindeer moss creates a soft look when introduced to a space. This plant typically grows in cold, artic tundra and serves as a favored snack for grazing reindeer and moose. It’s spongy texture and off-white color make it the perfect canvas for customization and color.

Choose this if: You want to incorporate a splash of bright color to liven up your space and create a more colorful, customized installment.

Recommended Locations

  • Concierge and Reception Desks

Create a unique and breathtaking backdrop behind your office reception area with a beautiful reindeer moss installation! Plan a custom moss design that incorporates your logo and its colors for a unique and interesting backdrop to welcome guests and clients.

  • Foyer

Come home to a beautiful vertical garden that features vibrant colors and comforting textures of reindeer moss. Whether you go for an abstract design or mimic one of your favorite landscapes, using reindeer moss for a unique foyer installation is a breath of fresh air that you and your guests will surely enjoy.

flat moss wall at DBS Ngee Ann City

Flat Moss

This beautiful ground cover moss creates the illusion of lush greenery, making it the perfect base for large installations that combine different preserved moss types. With an intense, dark green pigmentation, flat moss looks lush, feathery, and interesting to any beholder.

Choose this if: You want to create a large and grand preserved moss piece that combines plenty of dimension and color while cooling the room and keeping strong smells at bay.

Recommended Locations

  • Larger Rooms

A feature wall is an excellent addition to both home and office environments. But even more so for spaces with high ceilings and tall walls. A preserved moss wall can create an unforgettable visual focal point for large convention rooms, offices, meeting rooms, high-ceilinged sitting rooms, and many more. Wider or taller spaces allow for an impressive and natural space.

Pole moss wall at Shenton Way

Pole Moss

If you are looking to add some dimension to a vertical garden or an indoor moss wall installation, pole moss is an excellent choice. Also known as pincushion moss and Greenhill moss, pole moss is defined by its pleasant, hilly appearance and light green hues. They stand out particularly well against the stark dark green of flat moss, creating a multi-dimensional composition that is hard to forget.

Choose this if: You want a vertical garden inspired by rolling hills and gorgeous landscapes to complement your interiors, and if you want a double-purpose aesthetic piece with added soundproofing qualities.

Recommended Locations

  • Indoor Terrariums

Because of the natural, mound-like shapes of pole moss, it can create an amazing indoor terrarium piece to complement other types of preserved and artificial moss, or low-maintenance indoor succulents.

  • Meeting or Entertainment Rooms

Whether you require good acoustics in a residential or professional setting, equipping a room with acoustics does not have to be limited to the typical black foam. Creating an indoor moss wall that incorporates pole moss is an eye-catching and beautiful way to marry form and function.

artificial moss wall at M Hotel

Artificial Moss

For a touch of nature, artificial moss seamlessly mimics the look of a mossy forest floor. Create inspiring spaces that encourage inspiration and creativity. Like flat moss, artificial moss creates a smooth foundation for an intricate vertical garden.

Choose this if: You want your indoor moss wall to incorporate even more textures, or if you want a simple green back drop to add a touch of nature.

Recommended Locations

  • Dining Areas

Adding a touch of greenery to the interior of a brunch café or office pantry creates a homey and pleasant atmosphere. Not only does this make the place feel fresher and more alive—it also breaks the monotony of typical interior design in regular offices and dining destinations.

  • Indoor Gyms

For some fitness enthusiasts, engaging in physical activity is taken to the next level when you step into the great outdoors. Bring that touch of nature into an indoor gym for a comfy, low maintenance look that cools down the room at the same time.

Whatever your needs may be, we hope this guide on the different types of preserved moss wall gave you a better idea and helped in making your decision. If any of these ideas inspired you for your next installation, get in touch with a dependable preserved moss supplier to obtain a quote and explore your options!

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