Here are Green Wall Costs You Should Know

Indoor green walls are among some of the eco-friendly design trends to gain popularity in recent years. Aside from having a stunning design installation that is kind to the environment, there are multiple advantages associated with the addition of a green wall like improving productivity or providing serenity. Whether you are using real live plants on a hydroponic rig or are utilizing preserved pole moss or preserved reindeer moss for an artful green installation, there are plenty of ways to personalize your green wall design.

Riding the wave of this green trend requires an understanding of green wall costs, as well as the factors for living wall costs that you need to consider for your dream installation. In this article, we go over general living wall costs as well as the breakdown of green wall costs that you can use to gauge your total expenses before you bite the bullet.

What Affects the Cost of Your Green Wall?

Assessing the different factors for the overall cost of your green wall is an important step to having an accurate estimate of your payment. Below are some of the details you should consider when trying to assess the total cost of your dream green wall installation.

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Installation Size

One of the most obvious things to consider when determining the cost of your green wall piece is the size. The size directly affects the rest of the factors that can either drive a price up or down. Of course, bigger-sized installations need more labor and materials to construct them, so be sure to assess your space and decide on an installation size that is appropriate for it.

Large venues like conference halls and convention centers can benefit from a large expansive installation that stretches from one end of the wall to the other. On the other hand, smaller venues like restaurants or even residential installations can manage with a much smaller piece. Go for a framed piece that you can place in the center of the room, or choose an accent area like a column or a wall to envelop with living wall plants or moss. In making this decision, you can play it smart and draw the eye naturally to the areas you want to focus on without breaking the bank.

Variety of Your Piece

A colorful or multi-dimensional green wall requires more diversity in its medium. This can cause an increase in the overall price. This is especially worth considering if you plan to use combinations of plants or preserved moss. Combinations of preserved moss like dyed reindeer moss and cute, hilly mounds of pole moss over flat moss as well as combinations of decorative, lush plants mounted on a hydroponic rig. Your green wall cost can go up depending on your choice of inclusions for your installation.

Suitable Framing

One of the most charming and integral parts of a living or green wall is its frame. A beautifully-crafted frame is an important part of a green wall, especially since you can match it to the design of your space. Opt for a classic wood frame if you want a more organic look, and experiment with different tones to match your interiors. If you prefer a more industrial appearance, then you can’t go wrong with the use of a modern metal frame instead!

Don’t Forget: The size of your installation will also matter when it comes to getting the right sizing for your frame. Decide on the size you want early so your supplier can also create your frame and composition with this in mind!

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Maintenance & Repairs

Depending on the type of green wall you choose for your space, the total cost of your green wall can require some consideration when it comes to repair and maintenance. Living walls cost a bit more as there is a need to set up the hydroponic wall. Should one of the plants be damaged and die, it would have to be replaced. On the other hand, any damage to the hydroponic system might require some spending to repair them.

Moss walls are a lot more forgiving in that regard. Each time that a panel is damaged, you can easily contact your supplier for a replacement if the patch becomes too unsightly. If you prefer little to no maintenance, then it may benefit you to choose a moss wall instead. However, if you enjoy the look and appeal of live plants then brace yourself for a slightly more expensive maintenance and repair fee should the need arise.

We hope that this article helped you for a better assessment of your living wall costs. Green walls are a beautiful addition to any space. Like any investment piece, putting it together requires some spending and patience. Stay on top of the expenses by getting to know the factors for green wall costs by heart before you commit to an installation!

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