Make a green living wall of your own with this handy guide!

Green walls are an eco-friendly design trend that have taken the world by storm. Whether it be their trendiness, sustainability, or even the benefits that they can offer to a room, green living walls and green preserved walls can work wonders to liven up a space of your choice. However, figuring out a green wall design that suits your home or office aesthetic can prove to be a daunting task if you are new to the world of living wall design. In this easy-to-follow green wall guide, we list all you need to know about green walls as well as some living wall design ideas that you can use in your living wall apartments or living wall in retail.

What are Green Walls?

Green walls are a fun and vibrant addition to any space because of how it can immediately bring its surroundings to life. Green walls come in living wall designs or artificial green moss iterations depending on  their ease of installation and maintenance . These green wall designs typically come in panels for easy installation in a space. Completed projects create a striking contrast to its indoor surroundings.

Now that you know what green walls are, we can take a deep dive into their purpose, variety, and unique benefits so you can create a green wall design of your own.

What are Green Walls Made of?

There are two primary types of green wall designs that you can add to your space. A living wall design that features a diverse selection of live plants running on a hydroponic system, or a green wall design that features pristine lichen such as preserved reindeer moss or artificial moss alternatives. While each option poses its own unique appeal and benefits, any green wall design that you opt for is sure to breathe new life into an ordinary setting.

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How are Green Walls Designed?

The process of designing a green wall is an exciting and adventurous one. Think of green wall designs as a medium for decorating a wall of your choice, much like paint on an accent wall or framed art pieces on a gallery wall. They draw one’s attention and create a unique ambiance within a space. Whether a green wall design is meant to spark inspiration or create a soothing atmosphere, the key to executing the right design as you envisioned it is reaching out to a trusted green wall company.

Approach a trustworthy green wall company like Vertical Green and feel free to bring up the following details as you discuss your concept.

1. Set Your Budget

Let your supplier know how much you are allotting on this project. This can help them narrow down the options you can choose from and recommendations they make.

2. Provide the Size of Your Space and Installation

The size of your space directly impacts the size of your installation. To illustrate, installing a small green wall in a wide space like a meeting room or conference hall may make it look awkward and inadequate. A full green wall in a small room, on the other hand, gives another effect. Hence, it’s always best to opt for a green wall design and size that is proportionate to the space that you wish to use it for.

3. Choose Your Colors

Depending on your green wall design, having a color palette in mind can be of big help to both you and your supplier. One direction you may want to take for your green wall is to implement the use of preserved reindeer moss. Preserved reindeer moss is a type of preserved moss with a pale, silvery color, making it easy to dye. This characteristic allows it to be used for multi-colored moss murals, logos, green walls, and many more applications. 

If you wish to go the more organic, vibrant green route, using live plants for your living wall design is perfectly acceptable too. Work with your provider to determine their plant selection and ask for decorative plants in various shades of green to create a look that is both lush and natural while still being visually interesting.

4. Eyes on the Prize

The purpose of the space you choose to place a green wall in is also a matter of consideration for you and your supplier as you create the design. Do you want to create an impressive reception area for your office? Create a blown-up green wall design installation that features your logo in full color. Place this piece behind your office lobby to wow guests, visiting executives, and potential business partners.

Want to create a serene and meditative space instead? Clear out a small corner of your home or office and create a small zen garden indoors by combining the textures of stone, sand, and plants. Residents and employees alike can benefit from having a small space to catch their breath and reflect while surrounded by greenery that can be live, preserved, or even artificial.

The purpose of your green wall can be a big help in your deciding factors and working with your supplier. This is because they can tailor their suggestions for your build to the experience you want to create for you and the people within your space.

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What are the Benefits of Green Walls?

Green walls provide a wide host of benefits. Below are some of the most valuable advantages that introducing a green wall can grant to the people who’ll experience it.

1. Lessen Stress and Anxiety

During the global pandemic, many homeowners found immense comfort in populating their homes with all kinds of greenery. From large tropical plants to small succulents and moss balls—these little botanical design pieces provided refuge from the overwhelming stress and anxiety that our situation brings. You can mimic this comfort by adding a green wall in your own space of choice.

2. Cool the Air Around You

The Philippines is notorious for having hot, humid weather. The addition of a green living wall powered by hydroponics gives plants a chance to naturally cool the space around you through their respiration process. Plants consume carbon dioxide (CO2) during this process, eliminating this harmful greenhouse gas from the atmosphere around you and producing cool air as they ‘exhale’.

3. Reduce Noise Pollution

Picture this: You are typing away at your desk. Whether at your home office or workplace, momentum is everything when it comes to productivity. As you fall into your stride, a loud noise breaks your concentration. Whether it be a loud car horn, your neighbor’s dog barking, or even the crying of a newborn –nothing breaks concentration like noise pollution. Install aesthetic yet effective soundproofing with a green wall to keep noise at a moderate level.

How Do You Maintain a Green Wall?

Now that you know that green walls are full of design potential through customization while also providing benefits simply through their installation, you might be thinking—what’s the catch? Surely, they must be either difficult to maintain or expensive to acquire.

The truth is that green walls are some of the most low-maintenance design pieces that you can choose. Living green walls are irrigated by a built-in hydroponic system, which means that can rest assured that there’s no over- or underwatering. On the other hand, preserved or artificial green walls that feature moss are virtually maintenance-free. They require no watering or pruning, and simply require panel replacement should they require retouching.

With this in mind, the true value of partnering with a reputable green wall company comes in their commitment to maintaining your installations in tip-top shape. Vertical Green’s team can handle any queries and troubleshooting questions should any concerns arise from your installation. Coordinate swift plant or panel replacement as necessary or inquire about hydroponic installation. All these services are part of what Vertical Green can offer its clients once they decide to embrace the green wall culture.

Be a Part of the Green Wall Movement

From benefits to customization, the possibilities of a green wall are limitless. Get in touch with Vertical Green today and kick off your Green Wall journey today by telling us about your ideas, space specifications, and budget!

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