Moss walls are more than just a patch of green.

As we spend more and more time indoors due to the global pandemic, bringing a touch of the lively outdoors into our living and working spaces has never been more important. As more homes and business owners seek to fill the need for the great outdoors, not all solutions are as feasible and easy as they seem. Placing indoor plants to liven up your home or office is a great way to introduce some greenery into the space, but the cost and effort needed for their care and maintenance may prove to be more of a headache than a happy addition to your home.

However, you don’t need to let go of your dreams of lush greenery just yet!

If you want the look of a natural space but do not want the intense investment of money and time to maintain a lot of plants, then you may want to consider getting a moss wall for your indoor space!

CAD office moss wall

What are Moss Walls?

Indoor moss walls are stunning design installations that allow a space to come alive with the introduction of real preserved moss. With a number of colors, placements, and textures from the different kinds of moss, a moss wall can lend a touch of personality to an otherwise plain home or office building in an instant.

Made from real preserved moss, moss walls, also known as green walls, are made from curated natural moss, and are woven together to form a composition of the client’s preferred design. Here are a few possible applications for a moss wall:

Office or Hotel Reception

Commission a creative moss wall piece that will impress any guest that comes to visit your hotel or office. Go abstract with a green wall landscape that combines preserved flat moss and pole moss, pincushion moss, or go business with a reindeer moss piece that features your brand or hotel logo in accurate colors.

Feature Wall

Create an impressive backdrop for your dining room or restaurant. A moss wall exudes an air of freshness, quite literally due to its cooling properties, while giving any dining experience a vibe that is healthy, fresh, and natural. This is a fitting addition to minimalist homes with a passion for healthy living, or restaurants that have a commitment to creating delicious, organic, and healthy food.

Conference Halls and Meeting Rooms

A little-known fact about moss walls is that they provide great acoustics. Slap on an acoustic solution that works great and looks even better, especially compared to other options out in the market. The addition of a moss wall to communal spaces like this allows for better sound quality while functioning as an art piece that relaxes the eyes during long meetings or events.

meeting room moss wall

What kind of moss should I use to develop a moss wall?

Now that you have read about what a moss wall is and a few of their uses, you may be wondering where to go from here. Don’t worry! This quick guide will help you figure out which moss wall you should use.

When it comes to choosing which type, it all really depends on three things:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Function

Reindeer Moss

Color: Varied (Customizable)

Texture: Feathery and Soft

Reindeer moss is a unique and versatile choice that allows you to take better control of the look you are going for. Due to its naturally pale pigmentation, preserved reindeer moss can easily be customized by dyeing them to your preferred color. At around 2-3 inches tall, the light, feathery texture of reindeer moss is also perfect for impressive installations as it creates a visually interesting piece that can accurately represent your ideas and branding.

Recommended Uses: Hotel or Office Concierge, Feature Wall

Preserved Flat Moss

Color: Dark Green

Texture: Flat and Velvety

This ground cover moss is a simple but striking addition to any space. Versatile enough to be installed on its own to add visual texture on columns or walls, it is also a great backdrop to intricate moss wall pieces featuring more varied kinds of moss by letting their unique colors and textures stand out better. Flat moss is also a multi-functional choice that provides any room with a bit of comfort from its natural cooling properties.

Recommended Uses: Intricate Feature or Accent Walls, Simple design solutions for bare hallways

Pole Moss

Color: Light Green

Texture: Plush, ‘fluffy’, and hilly

These cute, rolling hills of moss are also known as pincushion moss to long-time enthusiasts. Their hilly appearance has long been regarded as a staple in feature walls and landscape pieces that provide interesting visual texture and natural acoustics to any room. To really appreciate their look, they are best used in more complex designs and large installations because of their varying dimensions. Add depth to any moss wall installation with pole moss.

Recommended Uses: Intricate Feature Walls, Moss Wall Landscapes, Meeting Room Installations

We hope that this short guide will help make your choice of moss easier so you can welcome a natural, maintenance-free design addition into your space of choice. When deciding on your moss installation, it is best to partner with a reliable preserved moss supplier who can provide foolproof installation and excellent after sales care and maintenance to better prolong your installation for years to come.

Contact Vertical Green for your moss wall needs and let us know the concept you want today!

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