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It is no secret that indoor hanging garden walls and artificial vertical garden walls have been steadily gaining popularity among both residential and commercial establishments around the world. While we have talked a little bit about living wall apartments as well as the visual and practical advantages they offer for their inhabitants, the use of both natural and artificial garden walls also pose their own unique perks when applied to green wall stores peddling retail goods.

Despite the worldwide popularity of using green walls in retail stores, there is a lack of living walls in retail applications out in the marketplace for Filipino shoppers to go and visit. If you are a mall or retail center developer that is currently brainstorming their next project, then this is the perfect read for you. Discover why green wall stores are the next big thing in retail experiences, and why you should be the pioneer in bringing them to the Philippine city centers!

Why Should I Build a Green Wall Store?

While there are many pros and cons to a vertical garden, here are a few benefits that can elevate the shopping experience for any mall-goer.

Natural Cooling & Ventilation

With the Philippines being a tropical country, heat is a pervasive problem that plagues us all year round. Because of this, many Filipinos often look to retail centers and malls as an escape from the stifling weather in order to cool down. While most malls apply air-conditioning to their indoor spaces, you can also supplement this system by introducing living wall stores to your shopping centers.This provides natural ventilation while passively cooling the surrounding air—providing visitors to your mall with a more pleasant shopping experience. The Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok, Thailand is an excellent example of how luxury shopping meets natural cooling in a single, magnanimous destination.
Commons biophilic green wall

Unique & Lively Ambiance

Nothing exudes life more than lush greenery. A green wall in retail stores provides an eye-catching design element while also providing a welcome boost of life and energy to those working or shopping in the area. A great example of this application is the luxury life-style mall, 360 Mall in Kuwait. The 360 Mall features top to bottom green walls that frame restaurant windows, shop displays, and many more.

The plants on your green walls also serve to relax the eyes and give shoppers a moment’s rest. Whether they are sitting in the food court, snacking away or walking by store fronts for some retail therapy, you can turn a regular shopping trip into a relaxing and revitalizing experience. By introducing living walls to your stores, take a simple design step that makes your retail destination both memorable and lively.

Sustainable and Low-Maintenance Design

Indoor hanging garden walls can make for an interesting design piece that is both sustainable and low-maintenance. When running any sort of retail establishment, you want your staff’s efforts to be focused on delivering the best quality of service to your customers. Save them the trouble of maintenance by choosing sustainable and low-maintenance design pieces for your green wall store like a hanging moss wall piece. This Starbucks branch on Miami Beach attracts locals and tourists alike with its uniquely green and starry café interiors.

Combining constellations with impressively-detailed moss wall installations, these pieces are tucked away out of reach without the staff having to worry about maintaining their appearance. Moss walls can do away with housekeeping duties, as you can simply replace damaged or sparse pieces by contacting your green wall supplier.

Aesthetic Sound Proofing

Any retail developer knows that shopping centers can get extremely busy, especially on weekends and peak seasons like Christmas. However, typical sound proofing solutions such as acoustic foam don’t always match the look of shopping and lifestyle areas (unless you are in the cinema, of course!). Curb the amount of noise pollution and mitigate volume by introducing living walls in your retail establishments. This makes it easier for shoppers to ask staff questions, while also making the overall experience more pleasant for guests as they hang out in different sections of your retail destination. A great application of this could be for retail centers with built-in convention facilities, or to cinema floors with adjacent restaurants and stores for preliminary noise isolation.

Banana Leaf Apolo green wall

Space-Saving Garden Views

While most shoppers love a stunning garden view, space limitations and other factors may hinder you from installing a full-size garden within your shopping center. Give them the same energy and comfort of a full-size garden by creating an indoor green wall in your retail store. This can be a good place for a breather as they take some time to rest their feet on benches while sipping away on a drink or two—all from the comfort of air-conditioned indoor spaces.

Plant the Roots for a Living Wall Movement in Retail

Green walls in retail centers here in the Philippines are still an under-appreciated trend. Being a country with such rich natural resources, embodying the vibe of nature within new developments is not only a homage to our nation but also a way of setting a good example to other developers and shoppers.

We hope that this article helped to enlighten you on the many ways you can apply living walls to stores, as well as the benefits they can provide both retail staff and shoppers. Turn your next retail development into a sustainable shopping destination by installing living walls. Reach out to us so we can discuss precisely how to make that happen.

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