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A vertical garden is a thing of beauty and comfort in any space. But like many other design additions to a home, it is best to tweak your vertical garden system to fit your needs, lifestyle, and floor plan limitations. The key to your vertical garden’s longevity is picking the right plants for your vertical wall garden, as well as the kind of maintenance you are prepared to give for it. If you have decided on getting a green plant wall but are not sure of which plants you should get, then you have come to the right place. Read on and discover the best plants for your vertical wall garden to suit your location and desired design!

With the right choices, a green wall plant selection that is more geared towards aesthetics can become a stunning natural art installation. You can even treat your green wall like a painting made with a unique medium. There are a number of choices out in the market that you can opt for. Depending on the look you are going for, as well as the location and conditions your vertical garden will be in, here are a few green wall plants you can consider:

plants for green wall

1.  Hydroponic Plants

Placing a beautiful urban jungle in your residential and workspaces is a great investment that can lift the mood and overall mental health of your loved ones or your colleagues. Hydroponic plants are an excellent choice that fit with most interior designs. Depending on its application, your setup can create a high-end and exotic atmosphere, but it can also lend a more tropical, beachy vibe to an otherwise minimalist space. This can add a welcome breath of fresh air that elevates or completely transforms a space into something more. Besides its obvious aesthetic beauty, a hydroponic setup with ornamental plants in a vertical wall garden can offer your space with benefits such as natural cooling properties and soundproofing that is both functional and easy on the eyes. Make sure to partner with a dependable living wall garden provider for a chic touch of green that requires minimal maintenance on your end. Our HyGro™ Wall uses HyGro™ Felt—a soil-free medium that encourages healthy plant growth with virtually zero mess, all year round.

Best For: Urban Office Spaces and Chic, Up-scale Restaurants that Want a Fun Vibe with Minimal Maintenance

Flexible for most interiors, hydroponic plants in a vertical garden shine most when treated as a focal piece of design. Install it in a meeting room or office pantry for a relaxing and cool vibe. Own a restaurant with a fantastic crowd at night? Add a touch of tropical drama and a potential photo op area by placing a living wall garden at your foyer and accentuating it with a cheeky neon or ambient lighting for a show stopping installation that is worth lining up for.

2. Moss

Moss walls take the cake for the most stunning green wall plants that require almost zero effort to maintain. Unlike ornamental plants, moss walls provide a lot more customization, like colors and textures without having to worry about maintenance tailored to their needs. This is largely because moss gardens are technically preserved green walls that incorporate both preserved real moss or artificial moss in their composition. These installations lend a softer, more relaxing look to your space while providing features like soundproofing and cooling to the room. Because of their flexibility, you can use them in meeting rooms, pantries, restaurants, and even fitness centers! Choose green moss as your green wall plants for a maintenance-free vertical garden.

Because of the many varieties of preserved moss, it is possible to explore a number of design ideas. Combine different kinds of moss for a natural showpiece that is one of a kind. We recommend brainstorming a design based on the following types of moss:

Reindeer Moss

Perfect for more colorful motifs and concepts, this pale preserved moss naturally grows in tundra where reindeer graze all day long. Reindeer moss is highly customizable because of its light pigmentation and easy dyeability. Recreate your company logo or even an artwork by using reindeer moss as your primary medium..

Pole Moss

This adorable species of moss is well known for its fluffy, hilly texture! A great choice for texturally interesting art pieces, pole moss is perfect for recreating stunning landscapes and rolling hills. This can add a welcome dimension to an art piece that will leave guests, colleagues, and peers in awe!

Flat Moss

Any piece of art needs a good canvas. Flat moss is a natural choice for a natural art installation because of its deep green tones. Combine the vibrant colors of reindeer moss and the interesting textures of pole moss and layer them over flat moss for a solid-colored foundation that will really let the color and depth of your vertical wall garden shine.

Whether you go for a monochromatic moss scheme, or go wild with texture and color, a moss installation is worthy of your consideration.

Best for: Minimalist and Dry Interiors

Preserved moss is a low-maintenance material to work with, however it requires some serious considerations when it comes to placements. Its lush, velvety green finish is one that can only be maintained in dry, cool areas—away from both direct sunlight and moisture. Opt for showpiece locations where it can be highlighted and admired, while being protected against the elements.

Regardless of which plant you want best for your vertical garden, it is important to choose one that fits your needs and lifestyle so you can appreciate and care for your vertical wall garden plants all year round!

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