Vertical Garden Maintenance Can Be Easy with these Top Tips

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran when it comes to the realm of gardening, starting a vertical garden is always an exciting time. However, after the initial installation of your piece from your provider, you may find yourself wanting to refresh your green wall. These simple vertical garden tips are sure to breathe life back into any green wall, whether you opt for a low maintenance vertical garden or a premium vertical garden installation. Keep reading for our top tips for green wall maintenance!

Echelon Moss Wall Maintenance

Know how much sunshine your plant needs.

We all know that sunshine is essential for living things. Like any other plant, caring for the different elements of your vertical garden entails knowing the needs for each plant in your care. Getting to know the light requirements where your plants will best thrive in will help you to decide where to place certain plants and installations. Base your placements, artificial lighting, and vertical garden compositions on how much sunlight is needed by each plant. Determine which plants thrive in full sunlight, partial sunlight, and in the shade and consider that in their arrangement. By matching these, your plants will grow healthy, vibrant, and lush.

It is always better to underwater than to overwater.

This tip is a hard rule among both beginner and veteran green thumbs. While both can lead to causing your plant to suffer, it is often much harder to bring back a plant from the brink of death after serious overwatering. Avoid both by grouping plants together based on the amount of water they need and maintain a regular watering schedule. Some green wall plants will benefit from an automated irrigation system, while others require minimal watering through misting. Just like with sunshine, you can choose placements and compositions better if you know your plants’ needs.

Select a suitable place for your installment.

While the previous two tips covered the plant’s needs, this tip for green wall maintenance is geared towards your needs. Is your vertical garden meant to be a showpiece? Choose a focal point for the piece and equip it with the right artificial lighting and irrigation. Is your green wall a multifunctional piece that supplies your restaurant kitchen with delicious herbs and simple produce? Show off the freshness by placing it in your restaurant for your customers to see. A wise placement will keep you from having to transfer your installations, which can cause stress on your plants and impede their growth. Should any of your plants wilt or expire, a good supplier will make this process much easier by replacing the plant with a new one.

Prune and trim your plants diligently.

Aesthetics plays a huge part in vertical gardens. It is important to prune and trim your garden to keep it looking neat. But besides maintaining the look of your green wall, pruning also keeps your plants from overcrowding, which can create nooks and crannies that pests can take refuge in. Pruning regularly also means that you can keep a watchful eye on the stem and monitor root growth. For green walls in kitchens and restaurants, pruning also helps you prevent flowering in cooking herbs, which can affect their taste and potency.

Purge pests with organic pesticide.

While pruning and trimming does prevent pests from getting into all the nooks and crannies of your plants, it is important to invest in more concentrated pesticide solutions to keep them at bay. Because vertical gardens are typically kept in indoor spaces and exposed to people, opt for organic and non-toxic pesticides that get rid of any potential insects that might prey on your plants and produce.

Choose according to your lifestyle.

While all the prior tips for green wall maintenance are useful for conducting your own personal upkeep, the most important factor to consider is still your lifestyle. If the vertical garden maintenance tips above sounded too difficult or you simply prefer the most fuss-free option, consider opting for a real preserved moss installation that stays fresh and evergreen all year round. However, for green wall enthusiasts that prefer a bit of variety in their vertical walls, secure your green wall installation from a supplier that also provides consistent and dependable vertical garden maintenance services that take the stress from green wall upkeep away.

No matter what type of vertical garden wall you choose, we hope that these maintenance tips will help you make better investments and selections when it comes to planning your green wall installation. Partner with a reliable green wall provider and transform your spaces!

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